môt cuộc hành hương

Nhà Mới

A New House

After visiting Nguyệt’s house in Sài Gòn just before getting on the airplane to come back to Florida and being appalled at the minimality of the place, the squalor as it were, I determined that it had to be improved. I told her to go find another place, that I would figure out how to pay for it if she could get a better apartment. That would make things pretty tight for me back home and it is added to the support I promised for her little brother to go to trade school but it had to be done.

I  reordered some of my own expenses to increase what I send to Nguyệt and my daughter is helping , too. Nguyệt is is beginning “additional education” or, as we would call it, grad school, in the fall.  I promised to see her through to graduation from the University and am happy to add grad school to that.   I will have two kids with college degrees, even if one of them is not actually related to me.

Thương wants to be a motorcycle mechanic but I told him no. While there are many millions of scooters in Việt Nam, they are yesterday’s job market. He is a young fellow and the future is not in two wheelers. Their abundance must decline and automobiles must increase and there are more motorcycle mechanics on one street in Sài Gòn than there are in Georgia. That same prospect led me to propose A/C and Refrigeration training because  there is more money in that and the market is only beginning to open. Right now there is far more equipment than there is repair capacity but now I think he made the better choice. For now. Auto Mech costs a third of A/C and does not take so long.  So if he does well with it and shows some aptitude for things mechanical, then when he graduates from that I will push hard to go back for A/C. I want him to be prosperous. Thương and Nguyệt have already assured me, unbidden that they will take care of Ông Mỹ in his old age. I like that.

So Nguyệt and Thương and Lý and Khanh and Nham have a new place. They found it and moved within a week of my saying I would support it.  They could do that because Lý and Nguyệt both save money. I had told Nguyệt she should long ago. She did not “take my advice,” so much as it legitimized for her a propensity to stash đồng for that ngày mưa. She could do it without worrying that If  I knew  she had a stash I would think I was sending too much.  It was part of the reason for the scroungy mouse hole they were living in.  But I told them I would be sending more for them to get a new pad so they got a new pad, and for less than I had suggested.

Nguyệt sent me pictures.  They are kind of blurry and too much pictures of Lý and Nguyệt in front of the things I wanted to see but they show me that it is a nice place.
The house has windows(plural) and the bathroom wall is tiled so there is a shower and there is a door. There are cabinets and a sink with water. There is a staircase with a hand  rail.

That’s Nguyệt in yellow and Lý in pink.

By the way,  Lý needs a husband. She is educated,  industrious, sweet and 24.


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